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How to Beat the Heat this Summer in Your RV/RV Summer Living


Whether you are a novice or veteran RVer, the hot Texan summer can prove to be a challenge for the RV lifestyle. Luckily, we have tried and true tips and tricks to beat the heat and live comfortably when the temps reach sweat-worthy proportions.


Window Coverings


Get yourself some Reflectix or window coverings to block out the UV rays. For a bit more decoration, invest in some nice heavy blackout curtains. They come in a vast array of colors nowadays, and they will also help lend a pop of color to the inside of your RV. In addition, if you don’t have double-pane windows on your RV, this will help to insulate them.


It’s a great way to keep the heat out, keeping your little home cool.


The Position of Your RV


It’s always nice to have your RV in a prime position to the sun so that your larger windows face east and north (to catch the sunrise), and your smaller windows facing south and west to catch that glorious sunset. Having a lot of natural sunlight facing the setting sun to the west can really bring on the heat. If at all possible, try to position your RV not facing west in the summertime. The sun sets much later in the day, making cool-down time in your RV a much longer affair.


RV Air Conditioners


Unless you have a newer RV with its own cooling system, you should get a portable AC unit to keep inside your RV, a window unit, or a mini split AC unit that mounts onto the back of your RV. Granted, the portable AC units can take up valuable space in your RV, so if you can swing a window or back-of-rig unit, all the better.


Unless the weather is on the cooler side, regular blade fans won’t cut it. You are only moving hot air around inside your RV. The idea is to get the hot air out, and bring the cooler air in! If you do want some good air flow, wait until your AC unit has cooled your RV down and then turn on a small table or oscillating fan for some awesome air circulation.


Make Use of that Awning


If your RV does not come equipped with an awning, get one! It will provide much-needed shade for you outside your RV door. Additionally, you can attach gear to the front of the awning (commonly called awning shade) that will give even more shade. It acts as an enclosed porch for your RV. This is also good for those pesky mosquitos and other biting insects.


Cook Outside


This may seem like a no-brainer, but many long- and full-term RVers LOVE their kitchens and use them for every meal. But in warmer environs, cooking your meals outside whenever possible can mean the difference between a hot RV and a cool one. The bottom line: hot kitchen equals hot RV. Many RVs come equipped with an outdoor kitchen, but if yours doesn’t, it’s a snap to set one up! It’s as easy as setting up a card table and propane stovetop.


Keep the Lights Off During the Day


Another no brainer, but one few of us really think about. We tend to spend most of our day outside or at other places, so we really don’t need any lights on in the RV. It also helps save energy and the environment. Also, get in the habit of unplugging all appliances, TVs, and the pilot light when you’re not using them, as they will create a tiny bit of heat, as well. If you need to charge your devices, get yourself a power strip, plug it into the outside outlet and charge your devices outside (underneath your awning!)


Take Advantage of Alvin RV Resort’s Awesome Amenities!


Beyond keeping your RV cool this summer, we’d love to have you take a cool dip in our pool and hang out in our air-conditioned clubhouse! And lastly, we have all of the ice you need for purchase.


Have a Great Summer and Stay Cool at Alvin RV Resort!

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