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How to Choose a Good RV Repair Shop

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of RV living. Hitting the open road with your little tiny home on wheels. Where the entire country is your oyster. That is, until something goes wrong with your RV! That’s why having a good RV mechanic or repair shop on call is essential to a happy RV lifestyle.


Whether you just need a simple inspection or a major repair, finding someone that will get the job done right without costing you a fortune can be tricky. We’re here to help. Aside from your home RV mechanic, it helps to know how to find someone similar when you’re on a trip far away from home.


Here are the best tips for finding a good RV mechanic or repair shop.


Look for Good Reviews of Quality Work

If you drive by an RV repair shop that is tiny or looks a little worse for wear, don’t automatically assume it’s bad. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover. The internet is a blessing nowadays in this area, with the likes of Yelp and other business review websites. Or google “RV repair shop near me” and see what the locals say about the business.


Must-Have RV Repair Experience

Unfortunately for RVs, they are a whole other beast compared to regular vehicles, so your average mechanic may not be experienced with servicing an RV. It’s best to go with a certified RV repair shop or ask if your local shop has an RV mechanic. Even if you have to spend a little more to find a maintenance specialist who knows how to service your rig, it’s much better than blindly relying on an inexperienced mechanic and paying for it in the long run.


What Equipment Does the Shop Have?

One way to find out of a shop is really RV savvy is to take a gander at their shop equipment. Because RVs are huge with different inner workings than regular vehicles, the repair shop should have the specialized equipment to handle that. Look to see if the shop has:


  • Squeeze-Type Resistant Spot Welding – ask if the shop has this, it’s a sure sign they regularly work on RVs. With it, a mechanic can reproduce welds the same as the manufacturer’s original.
  • 3D Frame Measuring Machine – this allows mechanics to accurately diagnose needed RV repairs, including major issues within the frame of your rig.


Ask About Their Warranty

Because RV repairs tend to run more than regular car repairs, it is really important to find someone who will stand behind their work. An RV mechanic or repair shop worth their salt should offer warranties on all of their repairs. It is a sign they have confidence in their skills.


Choose a Certified RV Shop

A serious RV mechanic will back up their skills by being certified, and a repair shop can have multiple certifications from reputable institutions that are up to date on the latest procedures and techniques, as well as an in-depth understanding of what is needed for RV collision repairs and mechanical malfunctions. Be sure to ask about their certifications.


You Can Always Turn to the RV Community

No matter where you go, you’ll find an RV community nearby, whether through Facebook, word of mouth, or elsewhere online. If you’re away from home, you are not going to know where to go to get your RV serviced when it needs it. As an RV owner or renter, you’re instantly a member of a welcoming community of other RV owners who are more than happy to offer good advice and even lend a helping hand when possible. They can also point you in the direction of a good RV mechanic.

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