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RV Camping Trends in the U.S.

You may have heard the news: RV camping is no longer limited to baby boomers and Gen Xers! According to a KOA campgrounds survey, more people than ever are enjoying nature’s splendor in RVs.

Why is this?

Well, you can attribute the recent Covid-19 pandemic to most of it. People still wanted to travel (when they could) while also practicing social distancing. RV travel was perfect for that. Coupled with a rise in remote work, legions of people, young and old, single or with a partner and/or kids, have realized they can explore the country while also making a living.

Yes folks, the concept of a 9 to 5 job is surely dying a slow death.


Travel is at an All-Time High

In short, the craving for travel has left many consumers eager to travel freely without restriction – especially RVing trips with families! Campsites offer ideal getaway opportunities that offer many amenities while making the experience memorable and special. Younger generations are taking an interest in RV living faster than any previous generation, which bodes well for the industry as a whole.

Sharing economy websites, new modern vans and an expanding community that supports this lifestyle have allowed individuals of all ages to live and travel full-time. They can take advantage of high-speed Internet provided by RV parks so they can continue working remotely while camping. They can also stay in contact with home and family.


Glamping Goes Mainstream

Glamping has grown increasingly popular since 2010, as more people seek a relaxing break from daily life. Glamping brings luxury camping to nature.

RVs are becoming more and more popular, particularly the smaller, more compact campervan and teardrop models, which cost less to purchase and maintain and are ideal for those on tight budgets.


Remote Working Fits with the RV Lifestyle

RVs provide the ideal mobile digital workplace solution for remote workers, providing them with connectivity and productivity on the road. RV manufacturers are working toward making their rigs an efficient mobile digital workspace.

Economic uncertainty has also helped fuel RV sales, as more people seek affordable vacation options. The years to come should see continued expansion for the RV industry.


Long Term Travel

With pandemic influenza ongoing, more RVers are opting for longer RV trips this year – more than two weeks or months at a time. An estimated one million Americans currently live the #vanlife year-round and this trend is predicted to become even more prominent.

RVers are increasingly opting for road trips rather than flying for vacations to save on gas costs and avoid crowds, with this trend particularly strong among millennials who wish to experience the RV lifestyle.


Small RVs are Gaining Popularity

No doubt due to Covid-19 or work habits changing, more people than ever before are eager to get back into RVing. Luckily, RV rental companies are ready to meet this rising demand with hassle-free delivery services. More than half of Outdoorsy renters noted having personal assistance arriving at their campsite and setting up the rental as an important factor when selecting their RV rental provider.

RV manufacturers are responding to consumer preferences with smaller models by creating RVs that offer all essentials in a more compact package, which makes ownership and fuel costs easier on wallets and fuel bills – something millennials tend to value over material possessions.


Off-Season Camping is on the Rise

COVID-19 introduced many first-time campers, and this trend appears to have continued. In fact, according to KOA, nearly 57 million households went camping in the year 2022. These newcomers to the outdoors are far more interested in experiencing it than previous generations, even during what would traditionally be considered the off-season months.

Thanks to WiFi-enabled RVs, remote workers can remain productive while enjoying nature. 46% of campers consider working while traveling an important component of their travel experience – with this percentage particularly prevalent among millennials who make up the fastest-growing segment of RV owners.


Lots of Camping Apps

RV industry growth can be seen through its rise in American interest in camping and traveling; this can be seen through apps like Roadtrippers that enable RV travel planning.

RV-centric camping apps allow users to enter their desired destinations and find campsites along their path with high rating scores, RV-friendly facilities and other amenities such as pools or hot tubs. In addition, information is also provided about which type of RV may fit best at each site as well as cell signal availability.

The Dyrt found that more young people are adopting an RV lifestyle, necessitating campgrounds to focus on marketing to attract this growing audience. The trend is paving the way to developing more modern RV resorts with amenities.


The RV Rental Market is Experiencing Growth

So, it should come as no surprise that RV sales have seen a substantial surge. Thanks to its safe social distancing features and remote work capability, RV living has quickly gained favor with both baby boomers and younger generations alike.

More campers are opting to travel by car rather than plane, forgoing cramped airplane seats in favor of nearby destinations that offer parks and national monuments to visit. This bodes well for campgrounds located in western states that have plenty of greenspaces to visit.

Campgrounds have also seen increased demand as more travelers seek out amazing astronomical experiences like dark-sky viewing. By providing such immersive experiences, campgrounds in these areas can attract new customers and increase revenue.

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