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Traveling Solo? Here are Some Great Tips for Solo RVers

Traveling alone can be an incredible opportunity to find yourself. But embarking on this type of adventure without someone alongside you as support can be daunting.

RV travel doesn’t need to be challenging or intimidating. By following these top tips for solo RV travelers, you can start living your dreams!


Ease the Fears of Loved Ones

An RV traveler’s loved ones often worry about his or her safety during an RV adventure, but these concerns can be eased with some simple measures. Being well prepared and listening to your instincts is key; if something feels amiss during your travels, it may be best to remove yourself from the situation and move on.

Always give at least 2 people your itinerary and a way to contact you during your solo adventure. Solo RVers should invest in a quality security system and practice safe habits; such as locking their RV, keeping valuables out of sight, being mindful of surroundings, and creating an emergency plan should anything arise unexpectedly.

It’s also wise to bring along both a first aid kit and snakebite treatment kit should your travels include areas inhabited by venomous snakes.


Travel Alone Without Being Lonely

Many who hesitate to travel solo in an RV cite fears of safety and loneliness as barriers to taking this step, but such worries often prove unfounded and the experience can be very rewarding.

Be sure to stay in touch with friends and loved ones throughout your journey. This will greatly help to combat any loneliness that might crop up. Also, throughout your travels, make a point to strike up a conversation with other travelers. You just might run into a fellow solo traveler as there has been a dramatic rise in this type of travel over the last decade or so.

Many solo travelers meet serendipitously and decide they want to buddy up. Having said that, always use your instincts and walk away from a situation if it doesn’t feel right. Safety should always come first when traveling; avoid wandering into areas that appear unsafe and avoid anyone who makes you uncomfortable. Employing these precautions can make your journey far more pleasurable!

Are you ready to overcome your fears and take the plunge? Now is the time!


Overcome the Fear of Eating Alone

We get it. It seems weird to eat alone in a restaurant when all around you are couples, families, and other groups of diners. You may feel like everyone is staring at you. We assure you, they are not! Nowadays it is commonplace to find solo diners wherever you may choose to eat, even at fancy restaurants. It’s also a great way to meet other people at the next table as you are enjoying your meal.


Overcome FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

The Fear of Missing Out can be a challenge for solo travelers, particularly when viewing posts about fun things other people are doing on social media and feeling left out. Not planning ahead and lack of socialization could also contribute to FOMO.

One way to overcome this feeling is by staying engaged with the RV community via online forums such as iRV2. Additionally, inform friends and family of your travel plans; this will keep them from worrying about your safety while simultaneously giving you the motivation to explore new places. Lastly, always remember if you ever feel unsafe in any situation, it is okay for you to leave immediately.


Go Somewhere New That Excites You

Traveling solo in an RV requires venturing outside your comfort zone in order to experience so many beautiful sites, interesting people, and adventures – which may seem intimidating at first! But you should try pushing past this hesitation if this lifestyle is new to you.

This is your chance to explore a new destination. Some place you’ve always wanted to go but couldn’t because you haven’t had the chance or couldn’t because of conflicts with someone else’s schedule or budget.

If you are new to driving and/or towing an RV, it may be beneficial to practice with friends before embarking on your first solo trip. Doing this will enable you to gain familiarity with basic RV maintenance tasks such as checking tire pressure and fluid levels.

If you’re an extrovert, make sure to connect with other RVers as much as possible; socializing helps increase security and can dissuade potential unsavory situations. Plus, meeting other travelers could become a great way of making lasting friendships!

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