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Why a Smaller RV May Be Perfect for You

As they say, it’s all about the little things – and bigger isn’t always better.


It’s nice to gawk at the big Class A motorhomes and dream of a lavish RV lifestyle, but then when you factor in those pesky realities – the maintenance costs, upkeep, and let’s not even talk about gas prices to run the things – those fancy homes on wheels suddenly become much less desirable. Even fifth wheels are larger and pricier than many people need.


Enter the small RV.


More people are turning to smaller RVs for the myriad of benefits they pack into a nifty but no less powerful punch. Choosing a smaller RV isn’t just for those dipping their toes in the RV lifestyle for the first time. Not anymore. Experienced RVers are downsizing for the benefits a smaller RV has to offer.


Smaller RVs Offer Many Benefits

First off are the cost benefits, and we’re not just talking about the sticker price. Smaller RVs are often considered travel trailers and can range anywhere from $10,000 to over $50,000. Class B motorhomes or campervans are also an option, but typically priced a little above that.


Another cost saver goes hand-in-hand with the convenience factor, and that is the issue of storage. Unless you’re a full-time RVer, you’ll need to store it somewhere when not in use. Having a smaller RV saves on storage costs, simply because it does not take up as much room. Depending on where you live, it may even be able to sit on your property without being an eyesore that causes your neighbors to sigh.


The next benefit is towing power. Many travel trailers are being built lighter so they can be towed behind smaller SUVs and even lightweight trucks. Gone are the days when you have to own a mega-ton truck or behemoth V8 engine to tow your camper.


Even though smaller RVs have less space, they still offer plenty of amenities and room for you and your travel partner(s). Features such as bunk options and slideouts are available on many models, where an average family of four can comfortably fit.


Having one of the nice miniature RVs doesn’t mean you need to give up the bathroom, either. Smaller travel trailers do offer full baths. Genius RV manufacturers are becoming savvier at designing functional tiny spaces that do not skimp on the comfort factor.


For many people, one big hindrance to entering the RV world is fear of maneuverability. It is much easier to drive a smaller RV through cities and into gas stations without fear of knocking something (or someone) over. You will also get a wider choice of camping spots at RV resorts and other campgrounds, as some sites do not accommodate larger RVs.


Fewer Maintenance Costs

Not surprisingly, it costs less overall to maintain and fix your smaller RV. There tends to be less that goes wrong, and when they do, the repair costs are much less overall. In addition, yearly maintenance such as winterizing will take less time and supplies.


Lastly, if you want your kids to get out in nature more often, a smaller RV is your best option. The big motorhomes with their large furniture for relaxing, playing games, or getting sucked into their devices virtually guarantee they will not be as likely to get out and explore the great outdoors. Smaller RVs are comfy, but only provide the means for sleeping, eating, and bathing.


So if you’re considering a smaller RV, know that smaller does not mean lesser. Evaluate your space needs and the number of your camping crew, and you may just find that small IS better…for you!

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